Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt Contest is ON

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way!! But, It looks like the Easter Bunny has lost his Easter Eggs.
Can you help him find them?

The Easter Bunny was busy shopping and I guess while he was browsing these
websites he dropped his eggs here and there.

So, we need help finding them or he won't have any eggs to hide for all the little kids on Easter.

Visit each of these websites below, and search good because the Easter Bunny said he dropped anywhere from 2 - 4 eggs at each website.

Look really really hard because you never know where an egg might be.

Hop on over HERE and read the rules and start hunting for those eggs!!

Tons of great prizes to be won!!

Contest starts March 25th at 12pm Central Time.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt Sign ups

Join in on our Easter Egg Hunt contest.

What is it?? Well let me tell you!

This is a great way to advertise your business. We will send you an easter egg
graphic, and you need to place it on at least 2 pages, and no more than 4 pages
throughout your website.
Email us back with the exact pages you have placed the Easter Egg graphic, Your name,
site url, and banner url.

We are running this site from March 25 to April 5rd.

Would you also like to donate a prize? Let us know asap.

All who join in on this Easter Egg Hunt will be highly advertised. Your banner, and url
will be put on Ms. Biz, The Rusty Rooster, Rooster Hits, The Candle Buzz, Out of the Box Sampler,
2 Crazy Chics, 5 different blogs (or more), 2 Crazy Chics Ning, and more.
Plus, Michelle and I will be sending out newsletters for all of our businesses about this
Easter Egg Hunt..and together we have 2000 plus members on our mailing lists.

Drop me an email and put Easter Egg Hunt in the subject line.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rooster Hits ~ 3 Way Surfing ~ Join FREE

We are so excited to bring you 3 Way Surfing!
What is 3 Way Surfing you ask?
Just the best thing since sliced bread!

3 Way Surfing is a way to earn more credits, and it's easy to do!

Log into your account, and start surfing.
On the surf bar you will see the 3-Way Surf message. Just open up and surf the other 2 sites, Surf-Central and TipTop Traffic while you're surfing here at Rooster Hits. EASY!

And if you're not a member of either of the 2, you can join them right there on the spot!

I can't imagine anyone not taking advantage of this opportunity to earn more for your clicks!

We will be bringing you 3 Way Surfing often to help you advertise your business. But, we are picky about the Traffic Exchange sites we partner with as our main goal is to help you market your business in the right way. So, we will keep our partnering to mainly craft/wahm/small business related Traffic Exchange sites.

We also thought it would be good to run a contest... So
we are resetting all the surf stats 6pm (central) and when the 3 Way Surf begins everyone will start fresh.
We will give a 1 Month Enterprise Pro Membership to the top surfer during our 3 Way Surf.
The 3 Way Surf is set for all Thursday 9pm (Central) thru Saturday 5pm (Central).

I will announce the winner of the Enterprise Pro Membership on Sunday morning.

Have fun surfing Smile

Rooster Hits

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Win a Copy of Shape Magazine

I am a total magazine nut, especially fitness/health magazines. Well, I some how ended up with 2 issues of the Feb Shape magazine and so thought.. about I give one away :)

Here's the deal.

In order to qualify to win the magazine you must do all of the following, and then leave me a comment here and let me know you did it all. I will put your name in the hat along with all other's who follow the directions, and on Feb 28th I will draw one winner.

What will you win??

You will win the Feb issue of Shape Magazine...and a whole month side button ad here at Living Smart Girl Blog Spot.

What you need to do is....

Hop on over to 2 cRaZy cHiCs blog and follow.
Hop on over to Tartaholic's blog and follow.
Hop on over to Living Smart Girl blog and follow.
Head on over to 2 cRaZy cHiCs Community, join and post a hello.
Join our 2 cRaZy cHiCs ning.
Check out Rooster Hits ~ Wahm Traffic Exchange, join for FREE and surf the 20 sites needed to activate your account.
Join the mailing list at The Rusty Rooster.

Ok.. if you already belong or have done these things... let me know too :)

And one last thing.. If you display a button or banner from any of the above sites, on your blog.. you will get an extra entry into the drawing.

Have fun :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Free Advertising

Rooster Hits ~ Hump Day Sale

Don't let the middle of the week break your stride when it comes to promoting your business.
Come on over to Rooster Hits and JOIN FREE!
We are a wahm traffic exchange and exactly what the Dr orders for your advertising blues.
Economy is tight right now, but no need to worry.. we are FREE!!
Come on over and join today. Validate your account my surfing 25 sites today and earn your 200 credits. Surf another 25 sites and send me an email and I will add another 100 credits to your account.
You have nothing to lose, and tons of traffic and exposure to gain!!

Come on over and check us out.
Rooster Hits
ps.. let us know in your email that you joined us because you saw us here, and we will add another 50 hits to your account.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Are you a TARTAHOLIC??

Well I am!! And I hope you are too :)

Check out our new Etsy... Tartaholic

Buy Handmade

Tart Sale

Order 4 of the 1/2# bags of tart chunks and I will give you another 1/2# bag free.
Order 4 of the 1# bags of tart chunks and I will give you another 1# bag free.

Put the scent choice for the free bag in the comment box when checking out.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

On The Craft Table ~ An online auction site made exclusivly for crafters!

On The Craft Table is brought to you by 2 cRaZy cHiCs, who have a goal in mind: helping other wahm's, small business owners, & crafters market their products, & websites.

Our goal is to provide a reasonably priced option for people to sell goods online. Many people do crafting for a hobby but run out of avenues to sell their crafts. On the Craft Table was created with these people in mind.

We are not limited to just crafts though. All family friendly items may be bought and sold here. Such items as collectibles, books, clothing, etc. are acceptable at On the Craft Table.
On the Craft Table is meant to be a friendly, neighborhood trading spot with vendors and buyers you can trust. We hope you enjoy your experience here and will contact us with your thoughts, suggestions and ideas to make this a great community!!

We are offering a Free store for one month to anyone who joins and opens a store. Having a store is a great way to get your auction items noticed. We will also pick one store every month to be the Featured Store and have their 150x150 button on the main page. To take advantage of the FREE store sign up for a store by Feb 28th, and we will mark it on your account. (note: You must have 5 products in your store to qualify for the Free month)

We are so excited to bring On The Craft Table to everyone!

Please support us by placing one of our banners or buttons on your website, blog, or anyplace you can. You can also link it back to your store or page here. Our buttons/banners can be found on our About Us page.

Thanks for being a part of On The Craft Table.

Sheila & Michelle
2 cRaZy cHiCs

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pay It Forward

I found this over at Scrapin Life & just had to join in. I am one of those people who just loves to put a smile on someone face! I am known as the one in my family who can bring a smile or tear to someone's face with a simple gift or gesture. So I am hoping to do the same here!! So, this is how it goes... The first 3 people to comment on this post & agree to Pay it Forward to 3 people on their blog will within the next 365 days ~ receive a gift of love from me in the mail ! That's all you have to do... just leave a comment & then post about it on your blog, then the 1st 3 people to leave you a comment & agree to pay it forward to 3 more people on their blog ~ you send them a gift ! This is such a GREAT idea. You never know when you'll get a "surprise" gift from a blogging buddy ! SO... Who's first ??

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Online Yard Sale

Do you love Yard Sales?? Well I do!!

If you do come check mine out.

Online Yard Sale

Lots of Americana, Prim, Country, Dolls and more listed just a few minutes ago. Hurry hurry.. stuff goes fast :)

Happy Shopping.

Bundle Up Sale

Since we are here freezing we thought we would offer a Bundle Up sale. Hope everyone is staying warm. And while you are nice and toasty warm don't forget that in order to get your business/website seen you need to advertise. We are offering a great package!

3 Months Home Page at The Rusty Rooster &
3 Month Home Page (button or banner) ad at Rooster Hits (our traffic exchange site).

All this for $30.00.

To purchase send paypal payment to and put Bundle Up in the subject line.
If you need/want to pay with a credit card drop me an email to

Stay warm everyone :)


Monday, January 26, 2009

What's New??

We are so excited to let everyone know of our new website. We have had this in the works for a while, just needed to get all the puzzle pieces together and now that the puzzle is put together, we are extremely please to announce ROOSTER HITS to everyone. Come on over and check us out. Rooster Hits is a Traffic Exchange site. A great place to advertise, FREE, or for a very low monthly rate. If you have never belonged to a Traffic is the perfect time. Why?? Because WE own it, and they rock!! :)

We also put up a FAN page at Facebook for Rooster Hits. Come on over and become our FAN

So what are you waiting for? Come join for FREE! Surf, earn credit, turn credit into hits, get your site seen by others. The more you surf, the more your site/business is seen. Simple, Fun, and very Effective!

Facebook & Myspace ??

Do you have a facebook? If so come on over and become our FAN!!
Check it out.. The Rusty Rooster Facebook Fan Page
We will use of Facebook Fan page, and our blog spot to announce advertising specials and What's New update.

We also have a Myspace for The Rusty Rooster. Come visit us there and become our Friend.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Free Advertising

Looking for Guinea Pigs!! :)

Do you own a website, blog, etsy, facebook, Ebay store, twitter, or anything else online you want traffic driven too?

The Rusty Rooster is on a new adventure, and we are giving away FREE Advertising to the first 10 who reply.

Drop us an email asap! Put RRB Guinea Pig in the subject line so we know where it came from.

Hurry Hurry.. Only 10 spots available right now!!

You WANT to be in on this one!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Check Us Out

Looky.. what do ya think? We are so happy with our new blog layout!! Vanessa from Paperback Designs does a fantastic job and is so great to work with. Check her out.
Now that we have our new blog layout it is time to start working on The Rusty Rooster. We are changing hosting, which means the layout will change some, some new features will be added and a much cleaner look. We hope to be completely done by the middle of Feb. Join our mailing list to get the first hand scoop on the unveiling! Go to the home page of The Rusty Rooster and join there~scroll down to the middle of the page.