Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rooster Hits ~ 3 Way Surfing ~ Join FREE

We are so excited to bring you 3 Way Surfing!
What is 3 Way Surfing you ask?
Just the best thing since sliced bread!

3 Way Surfing is a way to earn more credits, and it's easy to do!

Log into your account, and start surfing.
On the surf bar you will see the 3-Way Surf message. Just open up and surf the other 2 sites, Surf-Central and TipTop Traffic while you're surfing here at Rooster Hits. EASY!

And if you're not a member of either of the 2, you can join them right there on the spot!

I can't imagine anyone not taking advantage of this opportunity to earn more for your clicks!

We will be bringing you 3 Way Surfing often to help you advertise your business. But, we are picky about the Traffic Exchange sites we partner with as our main goal is to help you market your business in the right way. So, we will keep our partnering to mainly craft/wahm/small business related Traffic Exchange sites.

We also thought it would be good to run a contest... So
we are resetting all the surf stats 6pm (central) and when the 3 Way Surf begins everyone will start fresh.
We will give a 1 Month Enterprise Pro Membership to the top surfer during our 3 Way Surf.
The 3 Way Surf is set for all Thursday 9pm (Central) thru Saturday 5pm (Central).

I will announce the winner of the Enterprise Pro Membership on Sunday morning.

Have fun surfing Smile

Rooster Hits