Sunday, March 15, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt Sign ups

Join in on our Easter Egg Hunt contest.

What is it?? Well let me tell you!

This is a great way to advertise your business. We will send you an easter egg
graphic, and you need to place it on at least 2 pages, and no more than 4 pages
throughout your website.
Email us back with the exact pages you have placed the Easter Egg graphic, Your name,
site url, and banner url.

We are running this site from March 25 to April 5rd.

Would you also like to donate a prize? Let us know asap.

All who join in on this Easter Egg Hunt will be highly advertised. Your banner, and url
will be put on Ms. Biz, The Rusty Rooster, Rooster Hits, The Candle Buzz, Out of the Box Sampler,
2 Crazy Chics, 5 different blogs (or more), 2 Crazy Chics Ning, and more.
Plus, Michelle and I will be sending out newsletters for all of our businesses about this
Easter Egg Hunt..and together we have 2000 plus members on our mailing lists.

Drop me an email and put Easter Egg Hunt in the subject line.